End-of-Life (EoL)
The CLI provides two command modes:
Operational—Use operational mode to view information about the firewall and the traffic running through it or to view information about Panorama or a Log Collector. Additionally, use operational mode commands to perform operations such as restarting, loading a configuration, or shutting down. When you log in, the CLI opens in operational mode. Configuration—Use configuration mode to view and modify the configuration.
You can switch between operational and configuration modes at any time, as follows:
Switch CLI Modes
To switch from operational mode to configuration mode: username@hostname> configure Entering configuration mode [edit] username@hostname# Notice that the command prompt changes from a > to a # , indicating that you successfully changed modes.
To switch from configuration mode to operational mode, use either the quit or exit command: username@hostname# quit Exiting configuration mode username@hostname>
To enter an operational mode command while in configuration mode, use the run command, for example: username@hostname# run ping host PING ( 56(84) bytes of data ... username@hostname#

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