End-of-Life (EoL)
Use show commands to view configuration settings and statistics about the performance of the firewall or Panorama and about the traffic and threats identified on the firewall. You can use show commands in both Operational and Configure mode. For example, the show system info command shows information about the device itself:
admin@7-1-VM> show system info
hostname: 7-1-VM
ipv6-address: unknown
ipv6-link-local-address: fe80::250:56ff:fe80:985/64
mac-address: 00:50:56:80:09:85
time: Fri May 15 09:30:00 2015
uptime: 3 days, 22:47:08
family: vm
model: PA-VM
serial: 007200002624
vm-mac-base: 12:AB:11:0D:F3:00
vm-mac-count: 256
vm-uuid: 420013AB-65BC-87C4-86E2-0AC98AEE8FED
vm-cpuid: D7060200FFFBAB1F
vm-license: VM-300
vm-mode: VMWare ESXi
sw-version: 7.1.0
global-protect-client-package-version: 0.0.0
app-version: 499-2704
app-release-date: 2015/05/12 19:00:40
av-version: 1962-2389
av-release-date: 2015/05/14 15:26:18
threat-version: 499-2704
threat-release-date: 2015/05/12 19:00:40
wf-private-version: 0
wf-private-release-date: unknown
url-db: paloaltonetworks
wildfire-version: 66781-75744
wildfire-release-date: 2015/05/15 09:16:53
url-filtering-version: 2015.05.14.418
global-protect-datafile-version: 0
global-protect-datafile-release-date: unknown
logdb-version: 7.1.0
platform-family: vm
vpn-disable-mode: off
multi-vsys: off
operational-mode: normal
The show session info command shows details about the sessions running through the Palo Alto Networks device.
admin@7-1-VM> show session info
Number of sessions supported: 249998
Number of active sessions: 58834
Number of active TCP sessions: 34522
Number of active UDP sessions: 24258
Number of active ICMP sessions: 3
Number of active BCAST sessions: 0
Number of active MCAST sessions: 0
Number of active predict sessions: 356
Session table utilization: 23%
Number of sessions created since bootup: 53595006
Packet rate: 11984/s
Throughput: 66257 kbps
New connection establish rate: 138 cps
Session timeout
TCP default timeout: 3600 secs
TCP session timeout before SYN-ACK received: 5 secs
TCP session timeout before 3-way handshaking: 10 secs
TCP half-closed session timeout: 120 secs
TCP session timeout in TIME_WAIT: 15 secs
TCP session timeout for unverified RST: 30 secs
UDP default timeout: 30 secs
ICMP default timeout: 6 secs
other IP default timeout: 30 secs
Captive Portal session timeout: 30 secs
Session timeout in discard state:
TCP: 90 secs, UDP: 60 secs, other IP protocols: 60 secs
Session accelerated aging: True
Accelerated aging threshold: 80% of utilization
Scaling factor: 2 X
Session setup
TCP - reject non-SYN first packet: True
Hardware session offloading: True
IPv6 firewalling: True
Strict TCP/IP checksum: True
ICMP Unreachable Packet Rate: 200 pps
Application trickling scan parameters:
Timeout to determine application trickling: 10 secs
Resource utilization threshold to start scan: 80%
Scan scaling factor over regular aging: 8
Session behavior when resource limit is reached: drop
Pcap token bucket rate : 10485760

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