End-of-Life (EoL)
You can now configure GlobalProtect to save only the username when a user logs in to the GlobalProtect portal or gateway. This new option provides an alternative to saving both the username and password or saving neither. You can configure the new Save User Credentials option as part of a GlobalProtect client configuration.
The option supersedes the Allow user to save password option, which was available in PAN-OS 7.0. The default behavior for both options permits the GlobalProtect agent to save user credentials. Because the Allow user to save password option is now deprecated, the configuration of this setting is discarded upon upgrade of the firewall or Panorama to PAN-OS 7.1. As a result, if you do not want GlobalProtect to save credentials, you must configure an alternate value after you upgrade to PAN-OS 7.1.
If a GlobalProtect portal or gateway requires users to authenticate using dynamic passwords, such as one-time passwords, users must use unique passwords each time they log in. As a result, setting Save User Credentials to Yes has the same affect as setting Save User Credentials to Save Username Only because GlobalProtect saves only the username.

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