End-of-Life (EoL)
You can now use an address object, which can include an IPv4 or IPv6 address (a single IP address, range, or subnet) or an FQDN when you configure any of the following network settings in a GlobalProtect gateway client configuration.
IP address pools—Support address objects that define a single IP address, range of IP addresses, or IP netmask. Access routes—Support address objects that define a single IP address or IP netmask.
You can also define address objects in Panorama and deploy them with GlobalProtect settings to gateway devices.
Configure Address Objects in a GlobalProtect Gateway Client Configuration
Create an address object or, if managing multiple firewalls using Panorama, create a shared or device group object. Select Objects > Addresses. ( Panorama device groups only ) To create a device group object, select the appropriate device group from the Device Group drop-down. Add a new object and then enter a Name to identify it. Select Shared if you want the address object to be available for use elsewhere: In every virtual system (vsys) on a multi-vsys firewall—if you clear the Shared option, the address object will be available only to the Virtual System selected in the Objects tab. In every device group on Panorama—if you clear the Shared option, the address object will be available only to the Device Group selected in the Objects tab. ( Panorama only ) Disable Override if you want to prevent administrators from creating local copies of the address in descendant device groups by overriding its inherited values. Disable Override is cleared by default, which means overriding is enabled. ( Optional ) Enter a description for the object (up to 255 characters). Select the Type of address object ( IP Netmask, IP Range, or FQDN) and the associated value. For example, select IP Range and enter the IP address range. ( Optional ) Select a one or more tags to group your object with other objects that share keywords or phrases. Click OK and Commit. ( Panorama only ) To commit a shared object, you must also select Panorama for the Commit Type and click Commit again. To commit a device group object, click Commit and then, for the Commit Type, select Device Group, select the device group to which you added the object, and click Commit again.
Configure a GlobalProtect Gateway (either an existing configuration or a new one) and then, for a tunnel interface, use the address object for an IP address pool or access route. Select Network > GlobalProtect > Gateways and then select an existing gateway configuration or Add a new one. Select Agent > Client Settings and then select an existing client configuration or Add a new one. ( New ) On the Network Settings tab, Add the address object to the IP Pool or Access Route, as needed, by selecting it from the drop-down. Click OK twice. Commit your changes.

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