End-of-Life (EoL)
You can now customize the firewall or Panorama web interface using the following options:
Configure Banners and Message of the Day
Force administrators to acknowledge the login banner to ensure they see information they need to know before logging in, such as login instructions. The following is an example of a login banner:
To add a login banner, select Device > Setup > Management, edit the General Settings, configure the login banner, and then click OK and Commit.
Add a message of the day that displays after administrators log in to ensure they see important information, such as a pending system restart that might affect the tasks they perform. Administrators will also see post-login messages that Palo Alto Networks embeds to highlight important information associated with software or content releases. The following is an example of an administrator-configured message of the day:
To add a message of the day, select Device > Setup > Management, edit the Banners and Messages settings, enable and configure the Message of the Day, and click OK. A commit is not required.
Add colored bands that highlight text across the top ( header banner ) and bottom ( footer banner ) of the web interface to ensure administrators see critical information, such as the classification level for firewall administration. The following is an example of a highlighted header banner indicating that the firewall web interface is classified as top secret:
To add header and footer banners, select Device > Setup > Management, specify the Header Banner, optionally clear Same Banner Header and Footer and specify the Footer Banner, and then click OK and Commit.

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