End-of-Life (EoL)
You can now add a virtual disk of up to 8TB on a Panorama virtual appliance that runs on a VMware ESXi server (version 5.5 or later) or on vCloud Air. This increased disk capacity (maximum was previously 2TB) enables Panorama to store more logs.
If you replace an existing virtual disk of up to 2TB storage capacity with a disk of up to 8TB, you will lose the logs on the existing disk. To preserve the logs, you can set up a new Panorama virtual appliance for the new disk and maintain access to the Panorama containing the old disk for as long as you need its logs. Alternatively, you can copy logs from the old disk to the new disk. Copying can take several hours, depending on how many logs the disk currently stores, and Panorama cannot collect logs during the copy process. Contact Palo Alto Networks Customer Support for instructions to copy logs.
Add a Virtual Disk to Panorama
Add a Virtual Disk to Panorama on an ESXi Server. Access the VMware vSphere Client, power off the Panorama virtual appliance, configure a new virtual disk with the following settings, and then power on the Panorama virtual appliance. Disk Size —Up to 8TB Disk Provisioning Thick Provision Lazy Zeroed Location Store with the virtual machine Virtual Device Node —The selected node must be in SCSI format; otherwise, Panorama will fail to boot.
Add a Virtual Disk to Panorama on vCloud Air. Access the vCloud Air web console, select your Panorama virtual appliance, select Actions > Edit Resources, Add another disk, and set the Storage (up to 8TB).

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