End-of-Life (EoL)
This procedure will restore your device to the configuration that was running before you upgraded to a different feature release. Any changes made since the upgrade are lost so it is important to back up your current configuration so you can restore those changes when you return to the newer feature release.
Downgrades from PAN-OS 7.1 to any version earlier than PAN-OS 5.0.5 is not supported because the log management subsystem has been significantly enhanced between PAN-OS 5.0 and PAN-OS 6.0. Because of the changes implemented in the log partitions, a firewall that is downgraded to PAN-OS 5.0.4 and earlier releases cannot accurately estimate the disk capacity available for storing logs and the log partition can reach maximum capacity without a user notification. Such a situation allows the log partition to reach 100% capacity, which results in a loss of logs.
Use the following procedure to downgrade to a previous feature release.
Downgrade to a Previous Feature Release
Save a backup of the current configuration file. Although the firewall automatically creates a backup of the configuration, it is a best practice to create a backup before you upgrade and store it externally. Select Device > Setup > Operations and Export named configuration snapshot. Select the XML file that contains your running configuration (for example, running-config.xml) and click OK to export the configuration file. Save the exported file to a location external to the firewall. You can use this backup to restore the configuration if you have problems with the downgrade.
Install the previous feature release image. Autosave versions are created when you upgrade to a new release beginning with PAN-OS 4.1. If you are downgrading to a release prior to PAN-OS 4.1, you may need to do a factory reset and restore the device. Select Device > Software and Check Now for available images. Locate the image to which you want to downgrade. If the image is not already downloaded, then Download it. (If the image is already downloaded, you can skip this step.) After the download completes, Install the image. Select a configuration to load after the device reboots from the Select a Config File for Downgrading drop-down. In most cases, you should select the autosaved configuration that was created when you upgraded from the release to which you are now downgrading. For example, if you are running PAN-OS 7.1.1 and want to downgrade to PAN-OS 7.0.3, select autosave-7.0.3. After the installation completes successfully, reboot using one of the following methods: If you are prompted to reboot, click Yes. If you are not prompted to reboot, select Device > Setup > Operations and Reboot Device (Device Operations section).

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