End-of-Life (EoL)
When deploying the VM-Series NSX edition firewall, you can now use a template stack and a device group hierarchy in the VMware Service Manager configuration on Panorama. Both template stacks and device group hierarchy (introduced in PAN-OS 7.0) allow you to organize devices based on some common criteria in order to minimize redundant configuration.
A template stack allows you to push all the necessary settings to the set of firewalls assigned to a stack without the redundancy of adding every setting to every template. A device group hierarchy allows you to nest device groups in a tree hierarchy of up to four levels, with lower-level groups inheriting the settings (policy rules and objects) from higher-level groups.
To create context awareness between the virtual and security environments for Dynamic Address Groups referenced in policy, you can also select one or more device groups in a hierarchy for notification when virtual machines are provisioned or removed from the network. The firewalls use this update to determine the most current list of members that constitute Dynamic Address Groups referenced in policy.
For configuration details, see Create Template(s) and Device Group(s) on Panorama. For additional new features on the VM-Series NSX edition firewall, see Support for Multi-Tenancy and Multiple Sets of Policy Rules on the VM-Series NSX Edition Firewall.

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