End-of-Life (EoL)
VMware Tools is now supported on the VM-Series firewall and Panorama virtual machine deployed on VMware ESXi. The tool is bundled with the software image and is automatically enabled when you launch the VM-Series firewall and the Panorama virtual machine. Because VMware Tools is bundled with the software image for the firewall and Panorama, any updates will be made available with a new OVF image; you cannot upgrade VMware Tools using the vCenter server.
VMware Tools gives you the following capabilities for managing the VM-Series firewall and Panorama from the VMware infrastructure:
Displays the IP address of the management interface and the PAN-OS version running on the firewall or Panorama. Provides resource utilization metrics on the hard disk, memory, and CPU. You can use these metrics to enable alarms or actions on the vCenter server. Graceful shutdown and restart of the firewall and Panorama using the power off function in vCenter. Enables a heartbeat mechanism between the vCenter server and the firewall or Panorama to verify whether it is functioning or rebooting. If the firewall goes into maintenance mode, heartbeats are disabled so that the vCenter server does not shut down the firewall. Disabling heartbeats allows the firewall to stay operational in maintenance mode when it cannot send heartbeats to the vCenter server.
The current version of the implementation uses Open VMware Tools version 9.4.6.

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