End-of-Life (EoL)
The PAN-OS® and Panorama™ XML API allows you to manage firewalls and Panorama through a programmatic XML-based API. Use this API to access and manage your firewall through a third-party service, application, or script.
The PAN-OS XML API uses a tree of XML nodes to map firewall or Panorama functionality. To make an API request, you must specify the XPath (XML Path Language) to the XML node that corresponds to a specific setting or action. XPath allows you to navigate through the hierarchical XML tree structure for firewalls and Panorama.
Use the PAN-OS XML API when you want to automate tasks you need to perform, such as:
Create, update, and modify firewall and Panorama configurations. Execute operational mode commands, such as restart the system or validate configurations. Retrieve reports. Manage users through User-ID. Update dynamic objects without having to modify or commit new configurations.
Because PAN-OS XML API functionality mirrors that of both the web interface and the CLI, you should familiarize yourself with both. Reading relevant portions of the PAN-OS Administrator’s Guide will help you get a better understanding of firewall functionalities that you can access using the API. You should also be knowledgeable about web service APIs, HTTP, XML, and XPath.

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