End-of-Life (EoL)
The API response XML contains a status field and an error field.These are the available API error codes and names:
Error Code Name Description
400 Bad request A required parameter is missing, an illegal parameter value is used.
403 Forbidden Authentication or authorization errors including invalid key or insufficient admin access rights. Learn how to Get Your API Key.
1 Unknown command The specific config or operational command is not recognized.
2-5 Internal errors Check with technical support when seeing these errors.
6 Bad Xpath The xpath specified in one or more attributes of the command is invalid. Check the API browser for proper xpath values.
7 Object not present Object specified by the xpath is not present. For example, entry[@name='value'] where no object with name 'value' is present.
8 Object not unique For commands that operate on a single object, the specified object is not unique.
10 Reference count not zero Object cannot be deleted as there are other objects that refer to it. For example, address object still in use in policy.
11 Internal error Check with technical support when seeing these errors.
12 Invalid object Xpath or element values provided are not complete.
14 Operation not possible Operation is allowed but not possible in this case. For example, moving a rule up one position when it is already at the top.
15 Operation denied Operation is allowed. For example, Admin not allowed to delete own account, Running a command that is not allowed on a passive device.
16 Unauthorized The API role does not have access rights to run this query.
17 Invalid command Invalid command or parameters.
18 Malformed command The XML is malformed.
19-20 Success Command completed successfully.
21 Internal error Check with technical support when seeing these errors.
22 Session timed out The session for this query timed out.

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