End-of-Life (EoL)
You can export certain types of files from the firewall using the type=export parameter in the API request.
Use the category parameter to specify the type of file that you want to export.
Configuration— category=configuration Certificates/Keys— category=certificate | high-availability-key | key-pair Response pages— category= application-block-page | captive-portal-text | file-block-continue-page | file-block-page | global-protect-portal-custom-help-page | global-protect-portal-custom-login-page | global-protect-portal-custom-welcome-page | ssl-cert-status-page | ssl-optout-text | url-block-page | url-coach-text | virus-block-page> Technical support data— category=tech-support Device State— category=device-state
Use cURL tools to export the file from the firewall and save locally with a local file name:
curl -o filename "https://firewall/api/?query-parameters"
When using the API query from a web browser, you can specify to=filename as an optional parameter if you would like to provide a different name when saving the file locally.

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