End-of-Life (EoL)
Use the API Browser to see a full list of import categories.
Import Certificates, Keys, Response Pages, or Custom Logos
Import a certificate or key by specifying the type of the certificate or key file using the category parameter: category=certificate category=keypair category=high-availability-key
( category=certificate or category=keypair only) Specify these additional parameters for the certificate file and keypair imports: certificate-name —name of the certificate object on the firewall format —certificate format, pkcs12 or pem passphrase —required when including the certificate key vsys —virtual system where the certificate object is used. Ignore this parameter if the certificate is a shared object. https://firewall/api/?type=import&category=certificate&certificate-name=certificate_name&format=pkcs12 | pem&passphrase=text&vsys=vsys
Import a GlobalProtect response pages using an additional parameter for the security profile in which the page should be imported: profile=profilename
Import custom logos to different locations based on the where parameter: where=<login-screen | main-ui | pdf-report-footer | pdf-report-header>

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