The following table lists the issues that are addressed in the PAN-OS® 7.1.19 release. For new features, associated software versions, known issues, and changes in default behavior, see PAN-OS 7.1 Release Information. Before you upgrade or downgrade to this release, review the information in Upgrade to PAN-OS 7.1.
Starting with PAN-OS 7.1.5, all unresolved known issues and any newly addressed issues in these release notes are identified using new issue ID numbers that include a product-specific prefix. Issues addressed in earlier releases and any associated known issue descriptions continue to use their original issue ID.
Issue ID Description
PAN-98564 Fixed an issue on PA-3000 Series firewalls where the mprelay process stopped responding when processing IPv6 neighbor discovery updates.
PAN-98097 Fixed an issue on PA-3000 Series, PA-3200 Series, PA-5000 Series, PA-5200 Series, and PA-7000 Series firewalls where Captive Portal was inaccessible for traffic on Secure HTTP (https) websites when SSL decryption was enabled and users were behind a proxy server.
PAN-96431 A security-related fix was made to prevent HTTP Header Injection in the Captive Portal.
PAN-95698 Fixed an issue where the firewall revealed part of a password in cleartext on the command-line interface (CLI) and management server (mgmtsrvr) log when an administrator attempted to set a password that exceeded the maximum number of characters (31) using the CLI. With this fix, the firewall reports an error when an administrator attempts to set a password that contains more than 31 characters without revealing any part of the actual password.
PAN-95339 Fixed an issue where a firewall sent packets out of order when the sending rate was too high.
PAN-94450 Fixed an issue where QSFP+ interfaces (13 and 14) on a PA-7000-20GQ-NPC Network Processing Card (NPC) unexpectedly flapped when the card was booting up.
PAN-94023 Fixed an issue where the request system external-list show type ip name <EDL_name> CLI command did not display external dynamic list entries after you restarted the management server (mgmtsrvr) process.
PAN-93937 Fixed an issue where the management server (mgmtsrvr) process on the firewall restarted when you pushed configurations from the Panorama management server.
PAN-93331 Fixed an issue where the firewall applied the wrong checksum when a re-transmitted packet in a NAT session had different TCP flags, which caused the recipient to drop those packets.
PAN-92569 Fixed an issue where the firewall displayed a continue-and-override response page when users tried to access a URL that the firewall incorrectly categorized as unknown because it learned the URL field as an IP address.
PAN-87855 Fixed an issue where some ICMP Type 4 traffic was not blocked as expected after you created a deny Security policy rule with custom App-ID for ICMP Type 4 traffic.
PAN-87166 Fixed a rare issue on PA-7000 Series firewalls where 20GQ NPC QSFP+ ports didn't link up (during online insertion and removal (OIR), link-state change, or boot up events) and became unrecoverable until the NPC was restarted.
PAN-84836 A security-related fix was made to address a Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in the PAN-OS response to a GlobalProtect gateway (CVE-2018-10139).
PAN-80794 A protocol-related fix was made to address a bug in the OSPF protocol.
PAN-80665 Fixed an issue in a bi-directional User-ID redistribution configuration where the User-ID (useridd) process stopped responding when same IP address was continually associated with different usernames, which caused the IP address-to-username mapping to continually sync between firewalls.
PAN-76441 Fixed an issue where expiration of the Captive Portal browser-session cookie was set incorrectly on the browser to 24 hours by default. With this fix, the Captive Portal browser-session cookie expires when the browser session is terminated.
PAN-69901 Fixed an issue where the hyphen ( - ) character was not supported in a DNS proxy domain name ( Network > DNS Proxy > <dns-proxy-name> > DNS Proxy Rule s > <rule-name> > Domain Name).

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