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New App-ID Features
PDF Report for Visibility into SaaS Applications
The new SaaS application usage PDF report provides visibility into the SaaS applications in use on your network. SaaS is a way of delivering applications where the service provider owns and manages the software and the infrastructure, and the user controls the data, including the rights to who can create, access, share, and transfer data. The new report helps you identify the ratio of sanctioned versus unsanctioned SaaS applications in use on the network and includes details on the top SaaS application subcategories by number of applications, by number of users, and by volume of data transferred using these applications. The key findings in this report summarize how your SaaS application usage compares to most Palo Alto Networks customers and the percentage of your users who use one or more unsanctioned SaaS applications. You can use the data from this report to define or refine security policy rules on the firewall to block or monitor the use of unsanctioned SaaS applications on your network.

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