End-of-Life (EoL)
A Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) profile is the way in which you configure the LLDP mode of the firewall, enable syslog and SNMP notifications, and configure the optional Type-Length-Values (TLVs) you want transmitted to LLDP peers. After configuring the LLDP profile, you assign the profile to one or more interfaces.
Learn more about LLDP , including how to configure and monitor LLDP.
LLDP Profile Setting Description
Name Specify a name for the LLDP profile.
Mode Select the mode in which LLDP will function— transmit-receive, transmit-only, or receive-only.
SNMP Syslog Notification Enables SNMP trap and syslog notifications, which will occur at the global Notification Interval. If enabled, the firewall will send both an SNMP trap and a syslog event as configured in the Device > Log Settings > System > SNMP Trap Profile and Syslog Profile.
Port Description Enables the ifAlias object of the firewall to be sent in the Port Description TLV.
System Name Enables the sysName object of the firewall to be sent in the System Name TLV.
System Description Enables the sysDescr object of the firewall to be sent in the System Description TLV.
System Capabilities Enables the deployment mode (L3, L2, or virtual wire) of the interface to be sent, via the following mapping, in the System Capabilities TLV. If L3, the firewall advertises router (bit 6) capability and the Other bit (bit 1). If L2, the firewall advertises MAC Bridge (bit 3) capability and the Other bit (bit 1). If virtual wire, the firewall advertises Repeater (bit 2) capability and the Other bit (bit 1). SNMP MIB will combine capabilities configured on interfaces into a single entry.
Management Address Enables the Management Address to be sent in the Management Address TLV. You can enter up to four management addresses, which are sent in the order they are specified. To change the order, click Move Up or Move Down.
Name Specify a name for the Management Address.
Interface Select an interface whose IP address will be the Management Address. If you select None, you can enter an IP address in the field next to the IPv4 or IPv6 selection.
IP Choice Select IPv4 or IPv6, and in the adjacent field, select or enter the IP address to be transmitted as the Management Address. At least one management address is required if Management Address TLV is enabled. If no management IP address is configured, the system uses the MAC address of the transmitting interface as the management address transmitted.

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