End-of-Life (EoL)
The following table describes how log monitoring and report generation works in Panorama.
Panorama Log/Report Description
Distributed log collection Panorama performs two functions—configuration and log collection. To facilitate scalability in large deployments, you can use an M-Series appliance to separate the management and log collection functions. Configuring firewalls to send logs to an M-Series appliance in Log Collector mode (Dedicated Log Collector) helps offload the traffic-intensive log collection process from your Panorama management server (an M-Series appliance in Panorama mode or a Panorama virtual appliance). For details, refer to Centralized Logging and Reporting and Manage Log Collection .
Log forwarding Panorama logs and reports provide information about user activity in the managed network. To view user and network activity on Panorama, you don’t need to configure log forwarding from firewalls to Panorama. Log forwarding is required for long-term log storage and for generating reports using logs stored locally in Panorama. If you enable log forwarding , by default the firewalls buffer logs and send them at a predefined interval to Panorama, though you can change this setting (for details, see Device > Setup > Management).
Application Command Center (ACC) The ACC tab in Panorama, by default displays information stored locally on Panorama. You can however, change the data source so that Panorama accesses information from the connected firewalls; all the tables pull information dynamically and display an aggregated view of the traffic on your network. For details, see ACC.
Report generation and scheduling You can generate and schedule custom reports on Panorama. For scheduled predefined and custom reports, the firewalls aggregate report statistics every 15 minutes and forward them to Panorama on an hourly basis. For details, see Monitor > Manage Custom Reports.
Log and report management For details on the fields and tasks available for managing logs and reports, see: ACC Monitor > Logs Monitor > Logs Monitor > PDF Reports > Manage PDF Summary Monitor > PDF Reports > User Activity Report On Panorama, you must set up a Master Device (firewall) for each device group to generate a User Activity report. You cannot generate Group Activity reports because Panorama does not have the information for mapping users to groups.

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