End-of-Life (EoL)
If you or another administrator configured a message of the day, or Palo Alto Networks embedded one as part of a software or content release, a Message of the Day dialog displays automatically upon login to the web interface. This ensures that you see information, such as an impending system restart, that might affect the tasks you intend to perform.
The dialog displays one message per page. If the dialog includes the option to select Do not show again, you can select it for each message that you don’t want the dialog to display after subsequent logins.
Anytime the Message of the Day changes, the message appears in your next session even if you selected Do not show again during a previous login. You must then reselect this option to avoid seeing the modified message in subsequent sessions.
To navigate the dialog pages, click the right ( ) and left ( ) arrows along the sides of the dialog or click a page selector ( ) along the bottom of the dialog. After you Close the dialog, you can manually reopen it by clicking messages ( ) at the bottom of the web interface.
To configure a message of the day, select Device > Setup > Management and edit the Banners and Messages settings.

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