End-of-Life (EoL)
Click Tasks at the bottom of the web interface to display the operations that you, other administrators, or PAN-OS initiated since the last firewall reboot (for example, manual commits or automatic FQDN refreshes). For each task, the Task Manager provides the following information and actions .
Field/Button Description
Type The type of operation, such as log request, license refresh, or commit. You can click certain types to see more details about the operation, such as warning messages.
Status Indicates whether the operation is pending (such as commits with Queued status), in progress (such as log requests with Active status), completed, or failed. For commits in progress, the Status indicates the percentage of completion.
Start Time The date and time when the operation started. For commit operations, the Start Time indicates when a commit was added to the commit queue.
Messages Displays details about the operation. If the entry indicates that there are too many messages, you can click the operation Type to see the messages. For commit operations, the Messages include the dequeued time to indicate when PAN-OS started performing the commit. To see the description an administrator entered for a commit, click Commit Description. For details, see Commit Changes.
Action Click x to cancel a pending commit.
Show Display All tasks (default) or only Running tasks (in progress), and optionally filter the list by task type ( Jobs, Reports, or Log Requests).
Clear Commit Queue Cancel all pending commits (available only to predefined administrative roles).

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