Register the Firewall

You can use your active Palo Alto Networks® Customer Support account to register your firewalls on our Customer Support Portal.
Before you can activate support and other licenses and subscriptions, you must first register the firewall. Before you can register a firewall, though, you must first have an active support account. Perform one of the following tasks depending on whether you have an active support account:
If you are registering a VM-Series firewall, refer to the VM-Series Deployment Guide for instructions.

Create a New Support Account and Register a Firewall

If you do not already have an active Palo Alto Networks support account, then you need to register your firewall when you create your new support account.
  1. Go to the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal.
  2. Click Activate My Account.
  3. Enter Your Email Address, Enter the characters from the picture, and then Submit your entries.
  4. Select Register device using Serial Number or Authorization Code and Submit.
  5. Complete the registration form.
    1. Enter the contact details for the person in your organization who will own this account. Required fields are indicated by red asterisks.
    2. Create a UserID and Password for the account. Required fields are indicated by a red asterisks.
    3. Enter the Panorama Serial Number or Auth Code.
    4. Enter your Sales Order Number or Customer Id.
    5. To ensure that you are always alerted to the latest updates and security advisories, Subscribe to Content Update Emails, Subscribe to Security Advisories, and Subscribe to Software Update Emails.
    6. Select the check box to agree to the End User Agreement and Submit.

Register a Firewall

If you already have an active Palo Alto Networks Customer Support account, perform the following tasks to register your firewall.
  1. Log in to the firewall web interface.
    Using a secure connection (HTTPS) from your web browser, log in using the new IP address and password you assigned during initial configuration (https://<IP address>).
  2. Locate your serial number and copy it to the clipboard.
    On the Dashboard, locate your Serial Number in the General Information section of the screen.
  3. Go to the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support  portal and, if not already logged in, Sign In now.
  4. Register the firewall.
    1. Click Register a Device in the Quick Actions section.
    2. On the Devices page, click Register New Device.
    3. Select Register device using Serial Number or Authorization Code, and then Submit.
    4. Enter the firewall Serial Number (you can copy and paste it from the firewall Dashboard).
    5. (Optional) Enter the Device Name and Device Tag.
    6. (Optional) If the device will not have a connection to the internet, select the Device will be used Offline check box and then, from the drop-down, select the OS Release you plan to use.
    7. Provide information about where you plan to deploy the firewall including the City, Postal Code, and Country.
    8. Read the End User License Agreement (“EULA”) and the Support Agreement and then Agree and Submit.
      An entry for the firewall you just registered displays under Devices.

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