End-of-Life (EoL)

IP Address List

The external dynamic list can include individual IP addresses, subnet addresses (address/mask), or range of IP addresses. In addition, the block list can include comments and special characters such as
, or
. The syntax for each line in the list is
[IP address, IP/Mask, or IP start range-IP end range] [space] [comment]
Enter each IP address/range/subnet in a new line; URLs or domains are not supported in this list. A subnet or an IP address range, such as or, count as one IP address entry and not as multiple IP addresses. If you add comments, the comment must be on the same line as the IP address/range/subnet. The space at the end of the IP address is the delimiter that separates a comment from the IP address.
An example IP address list: 2001:db8:123:1::1 #test IPv6 address ; test internal subnet 2001:db8:123:1::/64 test internal IPv6 range
For an IP address that is blocked, you can display a notification page only if the protocol is HTTP.

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