End-of-Life (EoL)

Use Tags to Group and Visually Distinguish Objects

You can tag objects to group related items and add color to the tag in order to visually distinguish them for easy scanning. You can create tags for the following objects: address objects, address groups, zones, service groups, and policy rules.
The firewall and Panorama support both static tags and dynamic tags. Dynamic tags are registered from a variety of sources and are not displayed with the static tags because dynamic tags are not part of the firewall/Panorama configuration. See Register IP Addresses and Tags Dynamically for information on registering tags dynamically. The tags discussed in this section are statically added and are part of the configuration.
You can apply one or more tags to objects and to policy rules, up to a maximum of 64 tags per object. Panorama supports a maximum of 10,000 tags, which you can apportion across Panorama (shared and device groups) and the managed firewalls (including firewalls with multiple virtual systems).

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