End-of-Life (EoL)

Enable PAN-DB URL Filtering

  1. Obtain and install a PAN-DB URL filtering license and confirm that it is installed.
    If the license expires, PAN-DB URL Filtering continues to work based on the URL category information that exists in the dataplane and management plane caches. However, URL cloud lookups and other cloud‑based updates will not function until you install a valid license.
    1. Select
      and, in the License Management section, select the license installation method:
      • Retrieve license keys from license server
      • Activate feature using authorization code
      • Manually upload license key
    2. After installing the license, confirm that the PAN-DB URL Filtering section,
      Date Expires
      field, displays a valid date.
  2. Download the initial seed database and activate PAN-DB URL Filtering.
    The firewall must have Internet access; you cannot manually upload the PAN-DB seed database.
    1. In the PAN-DB URL Filtering section,
      Download Status
      field, click
      Download Now
    2. Choose a region and then click
      to start the download.
    3. After the download completes, click
      . The value in the Active field changes to Yes.
      If PAN-DB is already the active URL filtering vendor, clicking
      clears the dataplane and management plane caches and replaces them with a new seed database. You should avoid doing this unless it is necessary, as you will lose your cache, which is customized based on your users’ web traffic.
  3. Schedule the firewall to download dynamic updates for Applications and Threats.
    A Threat Prevention license is required to receive content updates, which covers Antivirus and Applications and Threats.
    1. Select
      Dynamic Updates
    2. In the Schedule field in the Applications and Threats section, click the
      link to schedule periodic updates.
      You can only schedule dynamic updates if the firewall has direct internet access. If updates are already scheduled in a section, the link text displays the schedule settings.
      The Applications and Threats updates sometimes contain updates for URL filtering related to Safe Search Enforcement.

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