End-of-Life (EoL)

URL Database Out of Date

If you have observed through the syslog or the CLI that PAN-DB is out-of-date, it means that the connection from the firewall to the PAN-DB cloud is blocked. This usually occurs when the URL database on the firewall is too old (version difference is more than three months) and the cloud cannot update the firewall automatically. In order to resolve this issue, you must re-download an initial seed database (this operation is not blocked). This will result in an automatic re-activation of PAN-DB.
To manually update the database, perform one of the following steps:
  • From the web interface, select
    and in the
    PAN-DB URL Filtering
    section click the
  • From the CLI, run the following command:
    request url-filtering download paloaltonetworks region
    Re-downloading the seed database causes the URL cache in the management plane and dataplane to be purged. The management plane cache will then be re-populated with the contents of the new seed database.

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