End-of-Life (EoL)

URLs Classified as Not-Resolved

Use the following workflow to troubleshoot why some or all of the URLs being identified by PAN-DB are classified as Not-resolved:
  1. Check the PAN-DB cloud connection by running the following command:
    show url-cloud status
    The Cloud connection: field should show
    . If you see anything other than
    , any URL that do not exist in the management plane cache will be categorized as
    . To resolve this issue, see PAN-DB Cloud Connectivity Issues.
  2. If the cloud connection status shows
    , check the current utilization of the firewall. If firewall utilization is spiking, URL requests may be dropped (may not reach the management plane), and will be categorized as
    To view system resources, run the following command and view the
    show system resources
    You can also view system resources on the System Resources widget on the
    in the web interface.
  3. If the problem persist, contact Palo Alto Networks support.

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