Set Up a Firewall Administrative Account and Assign CLI Privileges

To set up a custom firewall administrative role and assign CLI privileges, use the following workflow:
  1. Configure an Admin Role profile.
    1. Select DeviceAdmin Roles and then click Add.
    2. Enter a Name to identify the role.
    3. For the scope of the Role, select Device or Virtual System.
    4. Define access to the Command Line:
      • Device role—superuser, superreader, deviceadmin, devicereader, or None.
      • Virtual System role—vsysadmin, vsysreader, or None.
    5. Click OK to save the profile.
  2. Configure an administrator account.
    1. Select Device > Administrators and click Add.
    2. Enter a user Name. If you will use local database authentication, this must match the name of a user account in the local database.
    3. If you configured an Authentication Profile or authentication sequence for the user, select it in the drop-down. If you select None, you must enter a Password and Confirm Password.
    4. If you configured a custom role for the user, set the Administrator Type to Role Based and select the Admin Role Profile. Otherwise, set the Administrator Type to Dynamic and select a dynamic role.
    5. Click OK and Commit.

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