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SaaS Application Usage PDF Report

The SaaS Application Usage PDF report (introduced in PAN-OS 7.1) was enhanced in PAN-OS 8.0 to highlight application usage by groups of users (departments). You can generate the report to view activity for user groups across all security zones on the firewall or Panorama, monitor activity for specific user group(s), or report on SaaS activity for a user group(s) within a specific zone. The first part of the 10-page PDF report (formerly 8-page report) includes two new pages that showcase the top user groups that use the largest number of SaaS applications, and the top user groups that transfer the largest volume of data through sanctioned and unsanctioned SaaS applications.
And, you can now generate a custom report that depicts the number of SaaS applications used on your network and the unique user count by application. The unique user count is a new column in the report and the SaaS application characteristic (is SaaS) is a filter in the query builder.
  • Generate the SaaS Application Usage report for a specific security zone or user group(s).
  • Create a custom report to view the number of unique users who use SaaS applications (or a specific application such as Box) on your network.
    1. Select
      Manage Custom Reports
      , and click
    2. To view the number of unique users who use SaaS applications on your network, select Users from the Available Column and add it to the Selected Column. Then, use the query builder to add the application characteristic equals is saas., as shown below:

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