End-of-Life (EoL)

SaaS Visibility Enhancements in the ACC

ACC Enhancements for SaaS Application Visibility
—The ACC has a new global filter to assess application activity on your network by risk and sanctioned state. When you apply the filter, all the ACC tabs pivot on risk state or sanctioned state so that you can determine the relative security risks associated with the SaaS applications traversing your network. You can also set any tab as the default tab so that the ACC layout retains your filter preferences, the next time you log in; export the tab, with your widget and local filters, and share it with another firewall administrator.
If, for example, you want all your firewall administrators to use the Network Activity tab as the default tab with the application usage widget filtered on user count and the user activity widget filtered on application usage. You can export and share the tab with the other firewall administrators so that they can all consistently monitor for risk exposure on your network.
  • View the new colors in the Application Usage widget (
    Network Activity
    Sanctioned applications are depicted in green, and unsanctioned applications are blue. Applications that are not consistently tagged as sanctioned or unsanctioned across all device groups or virtual systems are yellow.
  • Use the
    Application View
    global filter to view applications by risk or by sanctioned state.
  • View the changes in the
    Network Activity
    • Filter by user count in the Application Usage widget.
    • Filter by application count in the User Activity widget.
  • Work with the ACC tabs. Click the edit icon in a tab to:
    • Set a tab as default.
    • Set a filter for Saas applications.
    • Export a tab.
      You can share the tab as a .txt file with another administrator.
    • Import a tab.
      Select the icon along the list of tabs, and add a name and click the import icon, browse to select the .txt file.

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