End-of-Life (EoL)

Telemetry and Threat Intelligence Sharing

You can now participate in telemetry, a community-driven approach to threat prevention. Telemetry allows the firewall to periodically collect and share information about applications, threats, and device health with Palo Alto Networks. Sharing threat intelligence provides the following benefits:
  • Enhanced intrusion prevention system (IPS) and spyware signatures delivered to you and other customers worldwide. For example, when a threat event triggers vulnerability or spyware signatures, the firewall shares the URLs associated with the threat with the Palo Alto Networks threat research team, so they can properly classify the URLs as malicious.
  • Rapid testing and evaluation of experimental threat signatures with no impact to your network, so that critical threat prevention signatures can be released to all customers faster.
  • Improved accuracy and malware detection abilities within PAN-DB URL filtering, DNS-based command-and-control (C2) signatures, and WildFire.
You can choose which telemetry data to share with Palo Alto Networks. The firewall collects the data from your firewall logs; the combination of log types and log data depend on the Telemetry settings you enable.
An enhancement of the Statistics Service feature in firewalls running PAN-OS 7.1 and earlier, telemetry is an opt-in feature. Palo Alto Networks does not share your telemetry data with other customers or third-party organizations.
  1. Select
    , and edit the Telemetry settings.
  2. Select the telemetry data you want to share with Palo Alto Networks. For more specific descriptions of this data, see What Telemetry Data Does the Firewall Collect?
    If you have previously configured your firewall to share data through the Statistics Service (PAN-OS 7.1), the Telemetry settings that match the Statistics Service settings are selected and enabled by default.
  3. View the telemetry data (or examples of the data) that the firewall collects. See Enable Threat Intelligence Sharing.
  4. Click
    your changes.

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