End-of-Life (EoL)

Streamlined Deployment of Software and Content Updates from Panorama

Instead of pushing software and content updates to one firewall or Log Collector at a time, Panorama now notifies the devices when updates are available and the devices then retrieve the updates in parallel. This enables Panorama to deploy software and content updates to managed devices more quickly. The procedures to deploy updates have not changed (see Upgrade Firewalls Using Panorama and Deploy an Update to Log Collectors) but you must leave port 28443 open on Panorama for firewalls and Log Collectors to retrieve the updates. Only firewalls that run PAN-OS 8.0 and Log Collectors that run Panorama 8.0 will retrieve updates; for devices running earlier releases, Panorama still pushes the entire update package instead of sending notifications.
If you want to reserve the management (MGT) interface for management traffic and log collection, you can use a separate interface for the traffic associated with deploying updates (see Extended Support for Multiple Panorama Interfaces).

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