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Determine the Upgrade Path to PAN-OS 8.0

When you upgrade from one PAN-OS feature release version to a later feature release, you cannot skip the installation of any feature release versions in the path to your target release (for example, to get from a PAN-OS 7.0 release to PAN-OS 8.0, you also need to install a PAN-OS 7.1 release version). In most cases, the recommended path when moving from one feature release to the next is to download the base image for the next feature release version and then download and install your target maintenance release version. You must have both the base image and the maintenance release image on the firewall for installation to be successful. If the firewall doesn’t have enough disk space to hold both the base image and the maintenance release image, it will delete the base image and you will see an error message when you attempt to install the maintenance release. In this case, you need to re-download and install the base image before you can download and install the maintenance release. To minimize downtime for your users, perform upgrades during non-business hours.
For manual upgrades, you must install the base image for a feature release before you upload and install a maintenance release image.
Determine the upgrade path as follows:
  1. Identify which version is currently installed.
    • From Panorama, select
      Managed Devices
      and check the Software Version on the firewalls you plan to upgrade.
    • From the firewall, select
      and check which version has a check mark in the Currently Installed column.
  2. Identify the upgrade path:
    Review the known issues and changes to default behavior in the Release Notes and upgrade/downgrade considerations in the New Features Guide for each release through which you pass as part of your upgrade path.
    Installed PAN-OS Version
    Recommended Upgrade Path to PAN-OS 8.0
    If you are already running a PAN-OS 7.1 release, download and install the PAN-OS 7.1.26 maintenance release and reboot. You can then proceed to Upgrade the Firewall to PAN-OS 8.0.
    • Download PAN-OS 7.1.0.
    • Download and install the latest PAN-OS 7.1.26 maintenance release and reboot.

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