Configure a Group Activity Report on Panorama

Perform the following steps to generate a Group Activity report on Panorama. Group Activity reports summarize the web activities of user groups in your network.
  1. Select PanoramaSetupManagement, edit the Panorama Settings, and Enable reporting and filtering on groups so that Panorama can locally store user and user group information that it receives from firewalls.
  2. Configure device groups so that Panorama can receive user group information from one Master Device (firewall) in each device group. You must enable Panorama to Store users and groups from Master Device.
  3. Select MonitorPDF ReportsUser Activity Report, Add a Group Activity report, set the Type to Group, select a Group Name, and specify the Time Period for the report.
    You can generate the report:
    • ImmediatelyRun Now and download the report.
    • At the same time as other saved reports—Click OK, select CommitCommit to Panorama, and Commit your changes.

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