End-of-Life (EoL)

Filter Logs by Group on Panorama

  1. Select
    , edit the Panorama Settings, and
    Enable reporting and filtering on groups
    so that Panorama can locally store user and user group information that it receives from firewalls.
  2. Configure device groups so that Panorama can receive user group information from one
    Master Device
    (firewall) in each device group. You must enable Panorama to
    Store users and groups from Master Device
  3. Filter logs by user group.
    For example, to filter the Traffic logs, select
    and Add Filter (   ). When you configure the query, set the Attribute to
    Source User
    and set the Value to the name of the user group.
    After you Apply Filter ( ), the page displays logs only for traffic that users in the specified groups initiated.

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