End-of-Life (EoL)

Seamless VM-Series Model Upgrade

You now have the ability to scale up and scale down the VM-Series capacity as bandwidth and capacity requirements change on your network by upgrading the model license. The upgrade process between different VM-Series models can be done with minimal downtime and intervention. Upgrading the VM-Series capacity does not require a reboot. Additionally, the serial number for the firewall does not change and no configuration is lost. For example, in an MSSP environment, if your tenant requires more capacity than the VM-100 supports, the MSSP can upgrade the firewall to a VM-300 without deactivating the license or changing the serial number of the firewall.
  1. Enable automatic VM-Series license deactivation. You no longer have to manually deactivate a VM-Series license before upgrading he capacity. Before continuing with your upgrade, Install a License DeactivationAPI Key.
  2. Upgrade the license on the Customer Support portal. If you already have an authorization code for your VM-Series model, skip this step.
  3. Before you initiate the capacity upgrade, verify that you have allocated enough hardware resources to support the new VM-Series model. The process for assigning additional hardware resources differs for each hypervisor.
  4. Verify that your firewall capacity license upgrade is successful.

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