End-of-Life (EoL)

VM-Series License Deactivation API Key

You are now required to install a license deactivation API key and enable the firewall to verify the identity of PAN update servers to deactivate a VM-Series firewall license. These changes provide additional security to the connection between your firewall or Panorama and the Palo Alto Networks Update and License server. You can retrieve your license API key from the Customer Support Portal and configure it using the CLI on the firewall and Panorama.
The Verify Update Server Identity option under
is enabled by default. Before deactivating an VM-Series firewall, verify that this option is enabled.
  1. Retrieve the license deactivation API key from the Customer Support Portal.
  2. Use the CLI to install the API key.
    request license api-key set key <key>
    Seamless VM-Series Model Upgrade and NSX VM-Series Configuration through Panorama both require the use of a license deactivation API key.
  3. Use the CLI to delete an installed API key if you need to replace it.
    request license api-key delete
    To deactivate a VM-Series firewall after deleting the API key, you must install a new one.
  4. Check that the firewall can
    Verify Update Server Identity
  5. After installing the license API key, deactivate the VM-Series firewall as normal.

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