Forward Archive/ELF Files for WildFire Analysis

To forward RAR, 7z, and ELF files for WildFire public cloud analysis, the firewall must be configured to forward Any unknown files or the specific file type(s) to the WildFire public cloud. To forward archive file types, you must configure the WildFire Analysis Profile with the appropriate settings.
  1. Enable file type forwarding.
    1. Select ObjectsSecurity ProfilesWildFire Analysis and Add or modify a profile to define traffic to forward for WildFire analysis.
      1. Add or modify a profile rule, select file type, and set the rule to forward the new Any file type. You can also specify the archive and linux file types if you install the Applications and Threats content release 745 or later.
        Profile rules with the file type set to Any forward all file types for WildFire analysis.
      2. Select Destination and set the profile rule to forward the files to the public-cloud.
      3. Click OK to save the new or modified WildFire Analysis profile.
    2. Attach the WildFire Analysis profile to a security policy rule—traffic matched to the policy rule is forwarded for WildFire analysis.
      1. Select Policies > Security and Add or modify a security policy rule.
      2. Select Actions and set the Profile Type to Profiles.
      3. Select the newly-created WildFire Analysis profile.
      4. Click OK to save the security policy rule.
      For detailed steps to configure a WildFire Analysis profile and to attach the profile to a security policy rule, see Forward Files for WildFire Analysis.
  2. Select Monitor > WildFire Submissions to find WildFire verdicts and analysis reports for archive/ELF files that have been submitted by the firewall.

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