PAN-OS 8.0.17 Addressed Issues

PAN-OS® 8.0.17 addressed issues
Issue ID
Fixed an issue on a WF-500 appliance where the static analysis results displayed in the PDF report but did not display in the WildFire® analysis summary of the web interface.
Fixed an issue on a WF-500 appliance where during a reboot, the following error message displayed: FATAL: module nbd not found.
Fixed an issue where the show object dynamic address group XML API command returned an invalid error message: You must specify a valid Device Group.
A security related fix was made to limit the amount of information returned from an API call error message.
(PA-5000 Series firewalls only) Fixed an issue where extra byte (1 to 7) padding were appended to the initial SYN and UDP packets, which caused the server to stop responding.
A security-related fix was made to address a code parameter in the clientless VPN portal.
Fixed an issue where the scheduled nightly custom report was not generated or emailed as expected.
Fixed an issue where firewalls did not purge files automatically as expected, which caused WildFire updates to fail.

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