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to view the available software releases, download or upload a release, install a release (a support license is required), delete a software image from the firewall, or view release notes. Make sure to review the following recommendations before upgrading or downgrading the software version:
  • Review the current Release Notes to view descriptions of new features and changes to default behaviors in a release and to view the migration path to upgrade software.
  • Review the upgrade and downgrade considerations and upgrade instructions in the PAN-OS® 8.0 New Features Guide.
  • Ensure that the date and time settings on the firewall are current. PAN-OS software is digitally signed and the firewall checks the signature before installing a new version. If the date and time settings on the firewall are not current and the firewall perceives that the software signature is (erroneously) in the future, it will display the following message:
Decrypt failed: GnuPG edit non-zero, with code 171072 Failed to load into PAN software manager.
The following table provides help for using the
Software Options Fields
Lists the software versions that are currently available on the Palo Alto Networks Update Server. To check if a new software release is available from Palo Alto Networks, click
Check Now
. The firewall uses the service route to connect to the Update Server and checks for new versions and, if there are updates available, and displays them at the top of the list.
Indicates the size of the software image.
Release Date
Indicates the date and time Palo Alto Networks made the release available.
Indicates that the corresponding version of the software image is uploaded or downloaded to the firewall.
Currently Installed
Indicates whether the corresponding version of the software image is activated and is currently running on the firewall.
Indicates the current action you can take for the corresponding software image as follows:
  • Download
    —The corresponding software version is available on the Palo Alto Networks Update Server; click to
    an available software version.
  • Install
    —The corresponding software version has been downloaded or uploaded to the firewall; click to
    the software. A reboot is required to complete the upgrade process.
  • Reinstall
    —The corresponding software version was installed previously; click to
    the same version.
Release Notes
Provides a link to the release notes for the corresponding software update. This link is only available for updates that you download from the Palo Alto Networks Update Server: it is not available for uploaded updates.
Removes the previously downloaded or uploaded software image from the firewall. You would only want to delete the base image for older releases that will not need upgrading. For example, if you are running 7.0, you can remove the base image for 6.1 unless you think you might need to downgrade.
Check Now
Checks whether a new software update is available from Palo Alto Networks.
Imports a software update image from a computer that the firewall can access. Typically, you perform this action if the firewall doesn’t have internet access, which is required when downloading updates from the Palo Alto Networks Update Server. For uploads, use an internet-connected computer to visit the Palo Alto Networks website, download the software image from the Support site (Software Updates), download the update to your computer, select
on the firewall and
the software image. In a high availability (HA) configuration, you can select
Sync To Peer
to push the imported software image to the HA peer. After the upload, the
page displays the same information (for example, version and size) and
options for uploaded and downloaded software.
Release Notes
option is not active for uploaded software.

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