End-of-Life (EoL)

Using the GlobalProtect Agent

The tabs in the GlobalProtect agent contain useful information about status and settings and provide information to assist in troubleshooting connection issues.
  • Home tab
    —Allows users to change the portal IP address or hostname and enter their authentication credentials. Also displays current connection status and lists any warnings or errors.
  • Details tab
    —Displays information about the current connection, including portal IP addresses and protocol, and presents byte and packet statistics about the network connection.
  • Host State tab
    —Displays the information stored in the HIP. Click a category on the left side of the window to display the configured information for that category on the right side of the window.
  • Troubleshooting tab
    —Displays information to assist in troubleshooting.
    • Network Configurations
      —Displays the current client system configuration.
    • Routing Table
      —Displays information on how the GlobalProtect connection is currently routed.
    • Sockets
      —Displays socket information for the current active connections.
    • Logs
      —Allows the user to display logs for the GlobalProtect agent (PanGP Agent) and service (PanGP Service). Choose the log type and debugging level. Click
      to begin logging and
      to terminate logging.

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