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to set up and manage a GlobalProtect™ portal. The portal provides the management functions for the GlobalProtect infrastructure. Every endpoint that participates in the GlobalProtect network receives its configuration from the portal, including information about the available gateways and any client certificates that might be necessary for the client to connect to a gateway. In addition, the portal controls the behavior and distribution of the GlobalProtect agent software to Mac and Windows laptops. (For mobile devices, the GlobalProtect app is distributed through the Apple App Store for iOS devices, through Google Play for Android devices, and through the Microsoft Store for Windows Phone and other Windows UWP devices; and for Chromebooks, the GlobalProtect app is distributed by the Chromebook Management Console or through Google Play).
To add a portal configuration, click
to open the GlobalProtect Portal dialog.
What are you looking for?
What general settings should I configure for the GlobalProtect portal?
How can I assign an authentication profile to a portal configuration?
What client authentication options can I configure?
How can I assign a configuration to a specific group of devices based on operating system, user, and/or user group?
How can I configure the settings and priority of the internal gateways?
How can I configure the settings and priority of the external gateways?
How can I create separate client configurations for different types of users?
What settings can I customize on the look and behavior of the GlobalProtect agent?
How can I configure data collection options?
How can I configure the GlobalProtect portal to allow access to web applications without installing a GlobalProtect client?
How can I extend VPN connectivity to a firewall which acts as a satellite?
Looking for more?
For detailed, step-by-step instructions on setting up the portal, refer to Configure a GlobalProtect Portal in the
GlobalProtect Administrator’s Guide

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