End-of-Life (EoL)

IP Drop

To instruct the firewall what to do with certain IP packets it receives in the zone, specify the following settings.
Zone Protection Profile Settings—Packet Based Attack Protection
Configured In
Spoofed IP address
Network Profiles
Zone Protection
Packet Based Attack Protection
IP Drop
Discard packets with a spoofed IP address.
Strict IP Address Check
Discard packets with malformed source or destination IP addresses. For example, discard packets where the source or destination IP address is the same as the network interface address, is a broadcast address, a loopback address, a link-local address, an unspecified address, or is reserved for future use.
For a firewall in Common Criteria (CC) mode, you can enable logging for discarded packets. On the firewall web interface, select
Log Settings
. In the Manage Logs section, select
Selective Audit
and enable
Packet Drop Logging
Fragmented traffic
Discard fragmented IP packets.
IP Option Drop
Select the settings in this group to enable the firewall to drop packets containing these IP Options.
Strict Source Routing
Discard packets with the Strict Source Routing IP option set. Strict Source Routing is an option whereby a source of a datagram provides routing information through which a gateway or host must send the datagram.
Loose Source Routing
Discard packets with the Loose Source Routing IP option set. Loose Source Routing is an option whereby a source of a datagram provides routing information and a gateway or host is allowed to choose any route of a number of intermediate gateways to get the datagram to the next address in the route.
Discard packets with the Timestamp IP option set.
Record Route
Discard packets with the Record Route IP option set. When a datagram has this option, each router that routes the datagram adds its own IP address to the header, thus providing the path to the recipient.
Discard packets if the security option is defined.
Stream ID
Discard packets if the Stream ID option is defined.
Discard packets if the class and number are unknown.
Discard packets if they have incorrect combinations of class, number, and length based on RFCs 791, 1108, 1393, and 2113.

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