Schedule Dynamic Content Updates

  • Panorama > Device Deployment > Dynamic Updates
To schedule an automatic download and installation of an update, click Schedules, click Add, and configure the settings as described in the following table.
Dynamic Update Schedule Settings
Enter a name to identify the scheduled job (up to 31 characters). The name is case-sensitive, must be unique, and can contain only letters, numbers, hyphens, and underscores.
Select to disable the scheduled job.
Select the type of content update to schedule: App, App and Threat, Antivirus, WildFire, or URL Database.
Select the interval at which Panorama checks in with the update server. The recurrence options vary by update type.
For a Daily update, select the Time from the 24-hour clock.
For a Weekly update, select the Day of week, and the Time from the 24-hour clock.
Disable new apps in content update
You can disable new apps in content updates only if you set the update Type to App or App and Threat and only if Action is set to Download and Install.
Select to disable applications in the update that are new relative to the last installed update. This protects against the latest threats while giving you the flexibility to enable the applications after preparing any policy updates. Then, to enable applications, log in to the firewall, select DeviceDynamic Updates, click Apps in the Features column to display the new applications, and click Enable/Disable for each application you want to enable.
  • Download Only—Panorama will download the scheduled update. You must manually “Install” the update on firewalls and Log Collectors.
  • Download and Install—Panorama will download and automatically install the scheduled update.
Select Devices and then select the firewalls that will receive scheduled content updates.
Log Collectors
Select Log Collectors and then select the managed collectors that will receive scheduled content updates.

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