Firewall Backups

  • Panorama > Managed Devices
Panorama automatically backs up every configuration change you commit to managed firewalls. To manage the backups for a firewall, select PanoramaManaged Devices, click Manage in the Backups column for the firewall, and perform any of the following tasks.
To configure the number of firewall configuration backups that Panorama stores, select PanoramaSetupManagement, edit the Logging and Reporting Settings, select Log Export and Reporting, and enter the Number of Versions for Config Backups (default is 100).
Display details about a saved or committed configuration.
In the Version column for the backup, click the saved configuration filename or committed configuration version number to display the contents of the associated XML file.
Restore a saved or committed configuration to the candidate configuration.
In the Action column for the backup, click Load and Commit.
Remove a saved configuration.
In the Action column for the saved backup, click Delete ( delete_icon.png ).

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