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Select PanoramaPlugins to add, remove, and manage the plug-ins that support third-party integration.
Do not rename the plugin file that you downloaded from the Customer Support Portal or you will not be able to install it on Panorama.
Allows you to upload a plug-in installation file from a local directory. This does not install the plugin. After uploading the installation file, the Install link becomes active.
File Name
The plug-in file name.
The plug-in version number.
Release date
The release date of this version of the plug-in.
The plug-in file size.
Provides the current installation status of each plug-in on Panorama.
  • Install—Installs the specified version of the plug-in. Installing a new version of the plug-in overwrites the previously installed version.
  • Delete—Deletes the specified plug-in file.
  • Remove Config—Removes all configuration related to the plug-in.
  • Uninstall—Removes the current installation of the plug-in. This does not remove the plug-in file from Panorama. If you uninstall the plug-in, you lose any configuration related to that plug-in. Only use when completely removing the related configuration.

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