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Known Issues in TS Agent 8.0

Known issues in the Terminal Services (TS) agent 8.0 release.
Use the following list to find the known issues in Terminal Services (TS) agent 8.0.
For recent updates to known issues for a given PAN-OS release, refer to live.paloaltonetworks.com/t5/Articles/Critical-Issues-Addressed-in-PAN-OS-Releases/ta-p/52882.
Citrix PVS only
) There is an issue when running a TS agent 8.0 release on Windows Server where the server stops responding when you attempt to shut it down.
The firewall intermittently fails to receive updated IP address-to-port user mappings from the TS agent.
Run the
debug user-id reset ts-agent
CLI command on the firewall to reconnect to the TS agent.

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