LACP and LLDP Pre-Negotiation for Active/Passive HA

If a firewall uses LACP or LLDP, negotiation of those protocols upon failover prevents sub-second failover. However, you can enable an interface on a passive firewall to negotiate LACP and LLDP prior to failover. Thus, a firewall in Passive or Non-functional HA state can communicate with neighboring devices using LACP or LLDP. Such pre-negotiation speeds up failover.
The PA-3200 Series, PA-5000 Series, PA-5200 Series, and PA-7000 Series firewalls support a pre-negotiation configuration depending on whether the Ethernet or AE interface is in a Layer 2, Layer 3, or virtual wire deployment. An HA passive firewall handles LACP and LLDP packets in one of two ways:
  • Active
    —The firewall has LACP or LLDP configured on the interface and actively participates in LACP or LLDP pre-negotiation, respectively.
  • Passive
    —LACP or LLDP is not configured on the interface and the firewall does not participate in the protocol, but allows the peers on either side of the firewall to pre-negotiate LACP or LLDP, respectively.
Pre-negotiation is not supported on subinterfaces or tunnel interfaces.

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