Verify the LSVPN Configuration

After configuring the portal, gateways, and satellites, verify that the satellites are able to connect to the portal and gateway and establish VPN tunnels with the gateway(s).
  1. Verify satellite connectivity with portal.
    From the firewall hosting the portal, verify that satellites are successfully connecting by selecting NetworkGlobalProtectPortal and clicking Satellite Info in the Info column of the portal configuration entry.
  2. Verify satellite connectivity with the gateway(s).
    On each firewall hosting a gateway, verify that satellites are able to establish VPN tunnels by selecting NetworkGlobalProtectGateways and click Satellite Info in the Info column of the gateway configuration entry. Satellites that have successfully established tunnels with the gateway will display on the Active Satellites tab.
  3. Verify LSVPN tunnel status on the satellite.
    On each firewall hosting a satellite, verify the tunnel status by selecting NetworkIPSec Tunnels and verify active Status as indicated by a green icon.

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