End-of-Life (EoL)

New App-ID Threshold

New and updated application and threat signatures are released together in a single package as Applications and Threats content updates. Previously, this meant that you had to install threat updates and new and modified applications at the same time, and choose one of two approaches to deploying content updates:
  • A mission-critical approach, where you delay content update installation until you can assess it’s impact to application availability.
  • A security-first approach, where you install application and threat updates as they’re made available; you prioritize the latest threat protection over a possible impact to application availability.
Now, the New App-ID Threshold allows you to install content updates that include new App-IDs on a separate schedule from those that don’t. Especially if your business has a mission-critical approach, this gives you extra time to review how new App-IDs impact security policy enforcement, and make any necessary policy updates.
To configure a New App-ID Threshold, modify the Applications and Threats Update Schedule (select
Dynamic Updates
The New App-ID Threshold must always be a value greater than the overall content update threshold. The example above shows what an Application and Threats Update Schedule might look like if you decide on a mission-critical approach to deploying content updates. Note that the overall content Threshold is set to 12 hours, while the new App-ID threshold is set to 48 hours.

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