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Reporting Engine Enhancements

Reporting engine enhancements in PAN-OS® 8.1 for the ACC, User Activity Reports, custom reporting, and for log source and destination directionality.
The reporting engine has been enhanced to provide better context on network events and user activity. These enhancements give you greater visibility and control of the log data and reports you generate so that you can create intelligent policies.
Reporting Engine Enhancements
Accurate log directionality
Firewall writes logs from the perspective of who initiated the network interaction or event. For example, if you are downloading a file from a website, the threat log describes the source (SRC) of the network interaction as the individual requesting the download and describes the destination (DST) as the website from which the source is downloading the file. The client is the entity that initiates the request while the server is the entity that receives the request.
Overlay of commits and content updates in the ACC
User events in the
, such as commits and content updates, are represented as a dotted line on all time-trended line graphs. This helps you to correlate commits and upgrades with suspicious network events.
Filters for User Activity Reports
Use the
Filter Builder
to build custom filters (
PDF Reports
User Activity Report
On Demand Report Scheduling
Run Now
for a scheduled report or
Pick up Later
to return at a later time to retrieve the report instead of waiting for a an on-demand report to generate.
You can also run a
Background Report
to export the generated report in your desired format (
Manage Custom Report
). You can save only one report for pick up at a time.
Custom reporting enhancements
Custom reporting is now more user friendly:
  • Completions are added for user, user-group, and any other items that have possible completions.
  • Column stickiness is added between databases to keep as many columns as possible when switching between databases.

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