Device Monitoring on Panorama

Monitor managed firewall health through Panorama™ to baseline performance and identify hardware issues before they compromise your network security.
Now you can display the health information (PanoramaManaged DevicesHealth) or the summary information (PanoramaManaged DevicesSummary) for your managed firewalls. You must upgrade both Panorama™ and firewalls to PAN-OS 8.1 before you can monitor the summary session, logging, resource, and environmental performance for managed firewalls in the summary. You can view the time-trended graphs and tables for the device sessions, environmentals, interfaces, logging, resources, and high availability performance for selected devices. Panorama calculates the baseline performance for each metric using seven-day averages and standard deviation to determine a normal operating range for the specific firewall. You can identify firewalls experiencing performance related issues by viewing PanoramaManaged DevicesHealthDeviating Devices to isolate issues before they can seriously impact your business. When Panorama identifies a metric that is outside the normal operating range, the metric is marked and the firewall populates the Deviating Devices tab. For more information, see Monitor Device Health.
Device Monitoring on Panorama
Managed Devices is now split in to two sections:
  • Summary—Displays summary information about firewalls managed by the Panorama. The same summary information is shown here as in previous releases.
  • Health (New)—Displays the health status of all healthy firewalls and all firewalls outside normal operating range (Deviating Devices). Selecting a firewall takes you to the Detailed Device View where you can view the time-trended graphs and tables of monitored metrics.
View All Devices for a list of all managed firewalls regardless of device health status.
View the Deviating Devices for a list of all firewalls that are reporting metrics of the calculated baseline. Metrics that deviate outside the calculated baselines appear in red text:

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